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 User Description: Though several players call it the “no-name hack”, it's technically not a hack at all to make a blank name or turn your name invisible. It's regarded as as a clever trick that some players have discovered simply to mess with their pals throughout the game. can also create confusion among them and they'll have a slightly tough time finding the Impostor in the game since players won’t know how to address you during chat. Nonetheless, after game developers have fixed this, it can only work on mobile so PC players cannot enjoy becoming a nameless assassin or hiding in tighter spaces without getting seen.You could be slightly more difficult to be seen and identified however it still doesn’t mean that you are totally invisible in the game unless you're already a ghost that Crewmates can no longer see you. Among Us chrome doesn’t make sense to have a blank or no name simply because you can still be recognized by your color or by just saying that you’re the one with the invisible name. It might or may not be of good use to have this sneaky bit of trickery but you can still enjoy it whilst playing on mobile. You have to expect that it'll be patched out sooner or later so better use it whilst you are able to and enjoy a good and a little annoying game along with your pals.

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