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dlinkrouter.local : Dlinkap-local Router Page is n...


 April 11, 2022


dlinkrouter.local : Dlinkap-local  Router  Page is not working?

With the help of the website filter feature, a user can block specific websites within the dlinkrouter.local network. Using this feature you can block several websites by typing a domain or the name of the website that you want to block. All the websites related to that domain will get immediately blocked. T...

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 March 7, 2022

 Newark - How to reset your Amped Extender?

A user can use the Guest network of an Amped router to provide visitors with the platform in which they can use the Wifi without having any access to personal files and documents. You can create and configure a Guest network using the interface. While configuring the network, you need...

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 March 31, 2022

 Newark : How to Login  Linksys Router Page ?

The router password is different from the Wifi password, as the router password is used to interact with the myrouter.local interface but the Wifi password is used for getting access to the router’s network. The default login password of the Linksys router login window is “admin” which is u...

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